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About Us

About PTT

PTT specialises in providing bespoke protected account, trust, and escrow solutions to business in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in the EU.

Our team has a depth of knowledge and experience, and we operate with leading edge Systems and AI Technology.

PTT is a wholly owned subsidiary of PT Trustees Limited in the UK.  PT Trustees was established in 2012 and currently manages over 80 billion CZK per annum of protected, trust, and escrow funds for a large number of businesses.  

Because it meets rigorous corporate governance, quality of staff, systems, and IT standards, the UK regulator has approved PT Trustees as a travel trustee, and it is now the largest provider of travel trusts (ATOL Trusts) in the UK.

In the Czech Republic we benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience our shareholder brings.

What We Do


At PTT CZ we are already contracted to manage a substantial volume of CZK business.

As our business in the Czech Republic grows and develops, we would be delighted to assist you with:

  • Consumer Protection – Protected Accounts. For travel, construction, property developers, music festivals, and anywhere else payments are made before services are delivered.
  • Merchant acquirer protection – Helping you manage the risk of chargebacks.
  • Share Option Schemes – Recognising the participation in your business by key employees without losing control of your business (and without pointless paperwork).
  • Business Holding Structures – Owning the shares of your business in a more flexible way.

For more information on these, and other business trust and escrow solutions, please contact us for a confidential exploratory discussion.

Our Core Team

Meet our Team

Sudheer K Sharma, FCA

Iva Marcantonio

Kessa Vythilingum

Michal Mlynár

JUDr. Ing. Petr Sramek

Miroslav Sebena

Imdad Suffee

James Turnbull TEP, LLB

Jennie Norris

Linda Dvořáčková

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